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Harness the Power of your Subconscious Mind

Our minds are programmed to keep us safe. Our subconscious contains stored memories and uses them to determine what circumstances we are capable of dealing with. We then see the world through this lens, which is essentially a record of the past. Our past may be filled with sadness and disappointment, but we always want to go back to what we know even if it doesn't feel good. If we've been hurt before, we'll want to stay where we're at because then our mind thinks that we have more of a chance of surviving. Your mind will want to keep you in these familiar states, even though they are unpleasant, simply because it appears safer than the unknown. This mechanism of the mind was perfectly designed for when we were hunter gatherers and relied heavily on survival instincts. In our current day, however, a breakup, for example, can feel physiologically like a threat to our very survival and making decisions from that perspective does not always lead us to the right place.

If you are looking to make some changes, you have to learn how to reprogram the way that your subconscious perceives the world. You have to establish new frameworks that can be accessed when anxiety or fear arises. It's important to understand the power of your subconscious. There are two ways that our subconscious stops us from making change: by writing its own script for your life - telling you what is possible and what is not, and by generating anxiety in response to new situations. If you want to change your life, you have to learn how your subconscious operates.

Think of an ex that still holds a place in your heart. They are very hard to let go of because there is some part of them that lives inside you now. There are parts of their character traits or mannerisms that live on in you. It may be around how you dress or the way that you speak or your sense of humour. These parts of your personality that were developed in relation to the other person are called 'Expansion Gifts'. When we get into a new relationship, we can carry these expansion gifts and even introduce them to our new partners. We may bring a certain ease with talking about feelings or perhaps an ability to bring joy to simple, everyday tasks. These are things that stem from our past relationships - they are part of what makes us who we are today.

The way that you experience this breakup is based on your beliefs. If you are carrying around limiting beliefs or thought patterns surrounding relationships, breakups will only seem like a familiar misery to you. Your thinking may become very black and white - either you feel it is all their fault, or you feel that you have nothing to offer someone else and will never find the love you are seeking. However, with a different outlook, even though you may be sad to let this person go, you see that there is a beautiful gift in everything difficult. You learn how to separate the good from the bad and then integrate those learnings into your personality.

Your thoughts are very powerful because they are the foundation of all your decisions. The way you think about love will determine how you experience it. If you are holding resentments, if there are things in your past that are unresolved or incomplete, chances are relationships will be more challenging for you because everything feels like a threat to your safety. You have to be able to release these thoughts by talking about them, by acknowledging them. You cannot let the negative thoughts take root in your psyche because they are what is creating this anxiety around change. If you are feeling anxiety, it means that you are in resistance to some degree. If something doesn't feel right or it is not quite harmonious then there is an imbalance within you that needs to be addressed.

Doing this is not as simple as it sounds as your subconscious mind operates on a feeling level. It does not have the capacity to judge what you are doing or why you are doing it, so it cannot provide you with those insights from a logical perspective. Your brain takes in information and then decides how that data should be processed. So much of our reactions and feelings around life situations are automatic, stemming from past experiences, and it can feel like we don't even have a chance to respond differently. It is important to understand that your subconscious mind can't tell the difference between what happened in the past and what is happening now. This means that it will keep responding to situations in the same way unless we shift something. It also means that by finding ways to shift our reactions in the present, we can also heal the wounds of the past. As we rewire our neural connections, we make space for new thoughts to take root.

This is where the value of the Energy Codes practices lie. See, our body is the seat of our subconscious. By working with our body and breath in these very specific, scientifically proven ways, we start to speak the language of our subconscious mind. Everything that has ever happened to us, all our experiences are stored at a cellular level in our bodies. Through the Energy Codes, we start to relay this information up to the conscious mind. You do not need to remember or rehash all the traumas you have been through in order to change. Instead, by working with the raw energy underneath the stories and limiting beliefs, we process the pain in a visceral way. As we do this, we automatically start to feel differently, and as we start to feel differently the way we see the world completely shifts all on it's own. We have a deep understanding of our truth that goes beyond intellectual insight. Something feels different inside. By working directly with that energy that made us feel like we were somehow lacking or not enough, we come to awaken to our wholeness.

When the way you think about yourself and your life changes, it has a ripple effect on everything around you. Our thoughts are very powerful because they have a vibrational frequency that attracts those things from the same dimensional plane. So if we have been thinking negative or fearful thoughts for many years, our mind is like a magnet and it will attract people, events, situations etc. that are also vibrating on that level. By feeling this safety in our bodies again, our thoughts shift to being more positive and constructive and that same force of attraction brings those 'right' circumstances into your life because they are now vibrating at the same frequency as what you want.

There is a beautiful gift in everything difficult because it gives us the opportunity to reclaim the part of ourselves that has been lost or abandoned. Through the Energy Codes we come to understand that this is the gift of life. Nothing is wrong or broken. There is nothing that needs to be fixed. Everything that has ever occurred is a chance for us to unfold to a greater aspect of ourselves. When you make room for new thoughts to take root, when you release the emotional charge from past events, when you are able to make confident decisions from a place of inner knowingness, you are making room for something new and beautiful to come in. The possibilities are endless, magical, and often beyond our wildest dreams.

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