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Tazneem T

The Energy Codes® is a life changing system that reveals and unlocks your true capacity as a powerful creator. As your coach I will guide you on a magical journey of self-discovery and transformation.

Hi, my name is Tazneem. I deeply understand being in a place of stuckness and the frustrating journey of trying to pull yourself out. That's why I am so excited to help you stop the rollercoaster of emotions and finally reconnect with your greatness. You deserve more than to just get by.

The Energy Codes® are based on the profound wisdom of quantum and traditional science as well as ancient spiritual practices. Through their teachings and my ability to connect with you deeply, I will help you activate your divine gifts. We will go beyond working at the level of thoughts to creating experiential shifts that will change everything. When you work at the level of energy you go beyond the repetitive patterns of the mind and learn to tune into your innate creativity and inner power. Not only do you have the ability to transform but you walk away with the practical tools to navigate the rest of your life in a confident and empowered way - led by your intuition.


Maybe you are newly married, about to have a baby, trying to have a baby, recently divorced, just lost your best friend or your life generally seems to fall short of what you envisioned for yourself. Whatever the situation, it's got you feeling turned around and overwhelmed. You may even feel like you're losing yourself. There have been times or moments you have felt powerful in your life, but you don't feel like that right now. You know you deserve more, you're capable of more, yet you feel stuck. There's a part of you that knows your greatness. But for some reason there is a disconnect. You find yourself in the same patterns over and over again, the same relationship drama, the same disappointments. You see the patterns, you intellectually understand what's happening, yet you can't seem to get yourself out of the loop. You wish that there was a way for you to access the part of you that has the answers. That you weren't dependent on external circumstances or people for how you feel. You want a proven way to feel better. And to feel better consistently. No longer being plagued by old demons that keep popping up even though you thought you were past that phase in your life. You want so much more.

Maybe you have already done almost everything you can think of including: years of counselling, group workshops, spiritual groups, courses on how to be a better communicator/listener/employee/partner etc. Nothing seemed to have the impact that you were looking for with lasting change.

I want to show you another way.

I believe every person is capable of experiencing deep levels of joy, happiness, love and pleasure. And when we don't, it's not an accident. We’re going to work with process after process where you can start to unveil the truth within yourself. You will discover that whatever you might be finding uncomfortable, or not liking, or might be trying so hard to push away right now, is actually just a road sign for where you need to go. We will follow that direction, that soul deep impetus, and get to the deeper desire that is asking for expression.

- Stress

- Burnout

- Anxiety

- Depression

- Low self-esteem

- Relationship Issues

- Chronic Fear

- Overthinking




- Ability to relax

- Chronic joy

- Gratitude for life

- Inner wisdom

- Confidence

- Deep connection

- Love

- Clarity of mind

Client Testimonial

I am so grateful for Tazneem and being able to work with her on improving my life. She has been extremely helpful in guiding me through learning more about my thoughts and feelings and how they connect to the energy in my body. She has taught me a variety of breathing techniques that help me navigate moments of stress and open my chakras. I love her passion; her face just lights up when she is working with you. I continue to work with her, learning more healing exercises to incorporate into my life. Thank you so much for being a part of my life, and encouraging me to be the best version of myself. 


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Principles & practices grounded in Energy Medicine, Neurobiology & Quantum Physics

Picture of business owner Tazneem T - Energy Codes Coach


Energy Codes Coaching is unique. Through it you will come to realize that everything is energy – the more we tangle it up with stories, beliefs and perspectives, the more complex it gets and the harder it is to break through that and find something that serves a bigger purpose in your life. We will pay attention to what it is that you really want and what success looks like. There is a happier, more successful version of yourself that is available to you right now and we are going to help you tap into that. This is something that has worked for decades of time, and for thousands of people.

I trained with Dr. Sue Morter - the founder of Morter Institute of Bioenergetics & the Energy Codes, as well as Suzanne Lawlor- a Master Coach & NLP Trainer who has provided coaching for corporations such as Visa & Deloitte. I will teach you profound and specific techniques that allow you to navigate difficult emotions and transcend subconscious blocks so you can start to manifest your dreams. When you can access the part of you that always knows what to do next - your inner wisdom - when you can tune into that all the time - everything changes.

You Will Learn Skills To


Develop a Strong

& Unwavering

Sense of Self. 


Slow Down your Mind & Regulate your Emotions


Operate in your Zone of Genius 

“Nobody changes until they change their energy, and when you change your energy, you change your life”

Dr. Joe Dispenza

What People Say

I have had the amazing opportunity to interact with Tazneem for the past three months, and I am truly so excited to provide this review/reflection on my time working with her thus far! She has been an incredible resource in helping me to explore ideas and energies in my life that I have long been aware of, but have never had the metaphorical toolkit to properly navigate. Tazneem is patient, attentive, knowledgeable, perceptive, and dedicated to each of her client's individual journeys, and she has helped me to not only identify personalized goals that truly address the most challenging aspects of my life, but she has given me lifelong skills and resources to aid me with future challenges/goals, as they arise. In the past, I have tried talk therapy and other forms of self-growth work, but this is the first time I felt that I was experiencing something new/different/effective, so much so that I have often remarked to Tazneem during our sessions that the very skills she teaches, should be skills/abilities we aim to cultivate in all people, society-wide. Tazneem's approach works well in addressing both, extreme/unique life circumstances, as well as the mundane, everyday experiences people often have difficulty navigating. Tazneem's ability to work at a client's pace and level of perception makes her and the work she does an incredible resource for anyone looking to find ways to enhance the quality of their everyday life. What I've appreciated the most have been the tangible, clear techniques and tools she has taught me in understanding my own energetic force and my ability to harness them to my greatest advantage. I look forward to continuing my sessions with Tazneem, and to recommending her to many friends and family who I know would benefit from the energy-focused nature of her approach. 



"The reason we don’t know our own divinity is not that we aren’t divine. It’s that we don’t have the circuits in place to perceive that divinity. Our lack of circuitry limits our ability to experience aspects of our true nature. To embody our wholeness—to know, feel, and live it—we have to build and activate the circuitry in the nervous system to “turn the lights on.” In Energy Codes, we do so by working with the energy system directly."

The Energy Codes: The 7-Step System to Awaken Your Spirit, Heal Your Body, and Live Your Best Life by Dr. Sue Morter

During the first session, Tazneem enabled me to speak a lot about myself and share what it was that I wanted to work on. In the past, when I have had sessions with therapists, I find that they have a set plan and I worked with their plan, but with Tazneem, I found that she built a plan specifically for me and my needs. She was a great listener who made me feel very comfortable and created a safe space, even though our meetings were virtual. She provided me with amazing mindfulness tools that I could use on a daily basis. Overall, Tazneem is a calm, respectful, positive person who is a great listener, and who creates such a welcoming space in her sessions. 



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